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Clubfoot (also known as CTEV) is when a baby is born with one or both feet turned inwards, often with associated thinning of the calf muscles. The precise cause is unknown but it is recognised to be at least partly inherited, with a greater chance of it occurring in subsequent births to the same parents. In the UK one to two in every thousand babies is affected.

Clubfoot is usually found in isolation but can be associated with other problems.

This site is designed to help clinicians who treat the condition.


Parents of children with clubfeet can find more information on the 'STEPS' parent-run website.

What is clubfoot ?


Historically clubfeet were routinely subjected to invasive surgery, something now reserved for a very small proportion of resistant cases.

Thanks to the pioneering work of Professor I Ponseti in Iowa, USA, an exacting but highly successful technique of manipulation and serial plaster casts has become the world-wide accepted standard of treatment. It is successful in over 95% of cases.


Training in the Ponseti technique is vital - and is a 'hands on' experience with some supporting theoretical knowledge.

The UKCCG offers training for practitioners together with a developing network of regional clinical groups.

How is clubfoot treated ?

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